Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster Black

Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster  Black
Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster  Black Wai Lana is the most popular yoga teacher in the world today. Look at one of her shows and you will quickly understand why. Entertaining informative lively and yet serene  it s hard for viewers not to
Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster  Black Wai Lana is one of the most popular yoga teachers in the world today. Try one of her shows to understand why.  Now you can try Wai Lana Yoga props too!
Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster  Black
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Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster Black

Viewers around the world have gotten hooked on Wai Lana Yoga - beautifully produced television Yoga shows which are entertaining, informative, lively yet serene.  The shows are shot on location from the world-famous coastlines of Hawaii and California to the spectacular red rock deserts of Sedona. They feature beautiful, relaxing soundtracks of original music by Wai Lana herself. 

This true commitment to Yoga and health has led to a selection of Wai Lana Yoga Products which are high quality, durable and fashionable. What else do you need to support your Yoga practice?! 

Shop Wai Lana Cylindrical Yoga Bolster in Black.


  • Yoga bolster
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 100 Cotton
  • Provides support in a variety of poses
  • Dimensions: 26" Length x 7.5" diameter
  • Available in a variety of colors, shop here

About Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are a perfect prop to support your yoga practice or just relax on at the end of a long day. You can sit on them during meditation for a comfortable longer stay. You can lie back on them to stretch your back, open the chest and ribcage, improve blood circulation and reduce stress. These are great for your meridians and blood flow. Bolsters come in a variety of sizes and can be rounded or rectangular. They are stuffed with cotton batting or other materials such as buckweat, and this affects their softness and firmness.

Bolsters are very popular in prenatal yoga but are an excellent prop for anyone wishing to ease their way into perfect postrue and form. 


General Specifications

Color: Black

Item Dimensions

Diameter: 7.5"
Length: 26"

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