Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive

Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive
Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive Several layers of cotton batting wrap around a firm foam core to make this cylindrical bolster supportive and comfortable. Removable cover and convenient handle, make it easy to carry and care for. F
Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive
Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive
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Hugger Mugger Round Yoga Bolster Color - Olive

A Hugger Mugger original design, this standard bolster is a handy accessory when performing a variety of yoga routines, particularly restorative and prenatal postures. The zippered cover, includes a convenient handle at one end for easy transport. With the Hugger Mugger standard bolster, you'll have a soft, comfortable companion when you perform such poses as seated forward bends, supported back bends, child's pose, and--most satisfyingly--Savasana (corpse pose). 

This Round Bolster has several layers of cotton batting wrapped around its firm foam core, creating firm support and comfort. Featured in Judith Lasater's book, "Relax and Renew," it has a removable cover and convenient handle. The cover is washable in cool water on a gentle cycle and should be line dried. Each Bolster is handmade in the USA by our HM team from insert to cover. Designed for your comfort and safety.

About Hugger Mugger
Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically advanced yoga products for more than 20 years, serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world. Founded by Sara Chambers, an accomplish woodworker and yoga enthusiast, Hugger Mugger got its start after Sara started developing wooden and fabric tools to help with her practice. Over time, Sara began to develop products for fellow yogis, including the company's Hugger Mugger namesake, the now-famous unisex yoga shorts that include a leg band around the thighs to cover what's underneath. Because the words "hugger mugger" means to conceal, the name fit perfectly. The company has also earned renowned for its Tapas sticky mat, the first long-term performance yoga mat and a true industry trendsetter. Hugger Mugger is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for most uses in restorative yoga practice
  • Color - Olive
  • Soft, round surface easy on muscles and bones
  • Use as support in seated asana
  • Dimensions 25" x 9"
  • Lifetime warranty

About Round Yoga Bolsters


The classic shaped Yoga bolster. Excellent for Pre-Natal yoga, Senior yoga, and are a great prop in any restorative position.

WIth an average height of 10" rounded bolsters provide a greater opening of the chest and greater support in challenging forward bends. 

General Specifications

Bolster length: 25"
Color: Olive
Diameter: 9"
Publisher: Hugger Mugger

Package Dimensions

Height: 1600
Length: 2600
Width: 1900

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