Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle

Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle
Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle, 100% Natural Unbleached Cotton. Made in USA.
Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle
Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle
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Aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap w/D-Ring Buckle

Aurorae offers simple, comfortable, high quality, affordable Yoga products which are also super cool. This aurorae 8-Foot Yoga Strap with its strong, user friendly D-Ring Buckle, is made of 100% Natural Unbleached Cotton, and is made in the USA. The buckle will hold the strap securely in place and will enable you to easily adjust the size of the strap.

The strap itself is durable, comfortable to use, 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Straps are ideal for yoga students of all levels, as they help practitioners deepen certain stretches and hold poses for longer periods of time while maintaining proper alignment. Straps are also a good way tomaintain stability in Balancing postures.

Beginners will find them useful for performing hamstring stretches or improve flexibility needed to simply connect their limbs together when they are not strong or flexible enough to do on their own.

More advanced students or instructors can use the straps to step into and hold more challenging poses.

Aurorae brings you good Quality and Ecellent Service. 

Key Features:

  • Helps users deepen stretches and hold challenging poses
  • Durable, user friendly D-Ring Buckle 
  • 100-percent natural unbleached cotton, 
  • Eco Friendly and, Biodegradable
  • Full 8-feet long by 1.5 inches wide
  • Made in USA

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About Yoga Straps

Think you’re not flexible enough to do Yoga? Yoga is not about being flexible, its about understanding yourself in apostrue, discoverign, being, and learning about your bodie's capabilities. Yoga is about bringing together mind body and breath to discover your true self.  

Each body is built differently and sometimes we just can't reach. Straps are a good way to give confidence and support the body at beginning stages or thoughout your practice in postues where fear of stretching is an obstacle. Check out our range of yoga straps in cotton or nylon.

General Specifications

Color: Natural
Strap length: 8'

Package Dimensions

Weight1: 20

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