1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple

1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple
1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple 1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple
1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple
1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple
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1.5" X 8' Yoga Cinch Strap - Purple

The Yoga Cinch Strap is a durable and light weight strap that is perfect for beginner to expert yoga practices. Yoga Straps allow you to deepen your poses, extend and stretch your reach by giving you the height and flexibility that you need. The strong cinch end allows greater flexibility with poses while offering support and confidence. It can easily be adjusted to match the perfect length and level of intensity you desire. This 8 ft Yoga Cinch Strap offers two additional feet over the conventional beginner straps for a variety of heights and sizes. Enhance your flexibility and maintain control of your posture and form with the Yoga Cinch Strap, a perfect yoga accessory. Made from a wide sturdy cotton webbing and is available in different colours, lengths and styles.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 1.5" X 8' Yoga
  • Easily adjustable for give a variety of heights and support
  • Deepens your flexibility, support and confidence in your yoga practice
  • Ideal for beginners and experts to enhance their yoga practice
  • A light weight yet sturdy, yoga accessory that is easy to travel with and stow away
  • Available in additional colors

About Yoga Straps

Think you’re not flexible enough to do Yoga? Yoga is not about being flexible, its about understanding yourself in apostrue, discoverign, being, and learning about your bodie's capabilities. Yoga is about bringing together mind body and breath to discover your true self.  

Each body is built differently and sometimes we just can't reach. Straps are a good way to give confidence and support the body at beginning stages or thoughout your practice in postues where fear of stretching is an obstacle. Check out our range of yoga straps in cotton or nylon.

General Specifications

Color: Purple
Strap length: 8'
Strap width: 1.5"

Package Dimensions

Length: 520
Weight: 15
Width: 250

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